I have worked with clay for over 40 years. There have been times when I have been seduced by other materials - pastels, charcoal, wood and handmade paper- but I always return to my first love, clay.

As a young man, I was a functional potter and I attacked my work with a great deal of passion. I loved solving the problems of form and function. Over the years, I’ve become more interested in surface, form and unusual firing techniques. Most of the pieces that I make on the wheel are altered, paddled, and textured. I prefer hand building because there are less limitations with form. Some of the work is a reflection of nature, some are about energy, and some are inspired by raw emotion.

When I work on a piece or a series, I have in mind the firing technique I will use. Some work is crude and crusty, others smooth and elegant.

I work with coarse stoneware (Soldate 30 and 60). I like the contrast of smooth flowing forms with the rough  clay body.

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