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I was born in Marquette, Michigan on September 1, 1944. Most of my childhood was spent in the Chicago area. I served in the Air Force for four years and then went to college on the G.I. Bill. I was interested in learning. I took a broad spectrum of courses from eleven different colleges in all parts of the country. After accumulating over 200 credits, a professor suggested I obtain a degree. This is why I have a B.F.A.

A great deal of an artist’s education comes from spending long hours alone in the studio. Encounters with more experienced artists can sometimes help overcome obstacles in the learning process. The right book at the right time is also helpful.

The teacher who taught me the most was Bruce Grimes at the University of Wisconsin, Green Bay. During a summer session, he talked about design theory, form and function and tech-nique. Up to that point my instructors had been “hand’s off”, letting students find their own solutions. 

Visits to studios helped me along the way. When I called John  Glick and asked if I could visit his studio, he said O.K. but that he would not stop working. This was the perfect answer. I followed him around all day asking questions. Carl Judson of Ft. Collins, Colorado answered so many questions one afternoon that I had to rent a room after I left and take a nap. When I lived near Don Reitz I was always inspired by his passion for work and life. And, Don Bendel modeled humility, compassion and humanity. What better lessons are there?

The best part of working in this medium is that I always feel I’m learning something new.Tony_Staroska.htmlTony_Staroska.htmlshapeimage_3_link_0